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Pubovore – The CPM Ad Network

Pubovore Review ; legit or scam?  – The CPM Ad Network

Pubovore Ad Network related to CPM based Banner ad network online since 2013. You can earn money by your web or blog traffic.
Pubovore – The CPM Ad Network

What is Pubovore Ad network?

Pubovore is an Online Ad Network, related to Banner Advertising, Pubovore is based in France. It is serving publishers, advertisers and ad Networks since 2013.Currently Pubovore ad network has 2000+ worldwide publishers.
Pubovore is open to publishers all over the world. Publishers from every corner of the world can join that Pubovore ad network. Pubovore uses CPM, CPC as its revenue model to pay its publishers.
Pubovore is ideal for all types of niches.

        Already 3 billion Advertisements displayed by them.
4 000 000 Advertisements displayed per hour
196 countries monetized at CPM/CPC based.
+160 Monetization partners

Pubovore Ad network serves 460+ million ads per month and It has already paid 6900€ to its publishers in worldwide. Pubovore accepts worldwide publishers as well as all kind of web/blog sites including adult content websites. Apart from the looks and user interface of their website, Pubovore offers High CPM rates and offer a good support vie Email and Skype. Pubovore ad network is a pure banner advertising network, so it offers only banner advertisement as its publishers’ solution. However, it offers all standard banner sizes and some additional banner sizes that you can use on different sections (header, slider, footer) of your website or blog site. 

Pubovore Network Details

Network type
 CPC and CPM Ad network
Revenue model
 CPC and CPM
Support platforms
Minimum payment
Ad format
 Banner ads, 468x60, 728x90, 300x250, 120x600, 160x600
Payout rate
 (Fix CPM rate) 0.15€/1000
Payment Frequency   
 Net 30
Payment methods
Referral Rate
 Telephone: (+33) 970 444 609                                          

Specific niches
no. ideal for all
Minimum traffic
Approve process
 manual Approving process. Take up to 24 hours             

Pubovore offers an average CPM of 0.15 euros per 1000 views.

The remuneration is different for each blog/website and it calculated according to the number of clicks on their ads. If you have the higher the number of clicks on your site’s Pubovore ads, the higher your pay.

What types of sites are accepted on

 Pubovore accepts only web/blog sites with Legal content and not accepted receiving artificial visits for their platform.Web/blog sites such as “Streaming", "Surf bars", "Auto surfs", "Paid to Promotes", as well as "Authorities CPM" are not allowed to broadcast their ad tags. 

“Paid to Promote” sites are accepted to provide only broadcast the format 500x500px size banner ads.

Requirements to join Pubovore

               The sites must not host any objectionable content like spam, hacking etc.
               The sites must not have broken copyright laws.
               This ad network doesn’t approve incomplete and under construction sites.
               The paid to promote sites get approved to placed only spread 500×500 px banner ad format.

Don’ts allow
              The publishers must not use bots, software, proxies, auto refreshing sites and traffic exchanges to
 generate fake traffic.
              The publishers must not click on their own ads or encourage others to do.
              The publishers must not use bots or software to manipulate clicks and impressions.

Ad formats
Pubovore offers 468x60, 728x90, 300x250, 120x600, 160x600 ad formats and for "Paid to Promote” sites Pubovore offer 500x500 Ad format.All ad tags are guaranteed, without pop-up or intrusive ads. So it will not effect for your site’s speed and reader experiences.

Publisher can only use maximum up to 3 different ad formats per page.

Minimum Payout
The minimum payout on Pubovore is 10€.

Payment Options
Pubovore offers only PayPal payment processor as its payment option to publishers.
Except PayPal you can use Bit coin, Bank Transfer.
Pubovore pays its publishers on Net 30 terms in every 15th of next month.

* “Publishers entire balance will be refunded to their PayPal account, from the 15th of the following month based on Net 30terms.

Referral Program
Pubovore offers a 10% referral commission program to its users.

Stats Reporting System
Pubovore offers a good stats reporting system to their users which shows views, click, CTR on daily basis, monthly clicks, monthly views and balance. It also offers a graph where you can see your daily stats with user friendly interface.

Pros and Cons
                     Pay for worldwide traffic
                     Open to publishers all over the world
                     100% Fill rate and easy to join
                     Minimum payment is only 10€
                     Decent payout rate, Fix CPM rate-0.15€ per 1000views.
                     On time payment
                     Non adult and adult sites are accepted
                     10% referral rate.
                     Good support from staff
                     Real time updates of the stats
                     4000+ potential advertisers

                     Offers only banner ads to its publishers
                     Sometimes error with sign up.
                     HTTPS sites are not yet supported until 2019

Pubovore works well for all types of legit sites. However, Publishers revenue depends on quality of the traffic they bring. For placed the ad code publishers need to copy the banner tag and paste it in their Blog/ website script. Then, the banners will be displayed and publishers will be paid for each click and each display. Publishers remuneration depends on their CPM. If you have the higher click rate, also your remuneration rate will be higher. If publishers get a good traffic quality and numerous visits on their website, they can ask from Pubovore to benefit from “premium” advertisers.

*Be careful: incentive is not accepted, such as non-human traffic.

It is strictly forbidden to click on advertisements without paying interest to the site shown. The forced click is therefore forbidden.

Remember that Pubovore regularly monitor suspicious activity to protect their advertisers.
*If you want to display a particular kind of banners you can ask it from Pubovore and they’ll display only the kind of banner you want.

Pubovore Payment proofs

Coming soon.

This can be a best Ad network for your blog or web because it paying fix CPM rate in worldwide without any pop ups. So just Try it. Don't forget to share your experience with us.

** When you register with Pubovore, you have to fill two pages, after add your information in the first page you have to fill another page to fill your other details.

* Currently, HTTPS is not yet supported for Pubovore ads, so if one of your website has HTTPS on, Pubovore ads will not be displayed. Pubovore have scheduled to support HTTPS by the beginning of next year (2019).
Happy earning & happy blogging.

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