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Presearch review – Get paid to Search while increase your SEPRs rank.

Presearch review; legit or scam - Get paid to Search while increase your SEPRs rank.

Presearch is a decentralized search engine that paid to search - Online since 2018

Would you interest to make money online by Get paid to search? Simply search and earn.With today article about Presearch review let discuss it.

Presearch review – Get paid to Search while increase your SEPRs rank.

Earn money online is a wide topic. You can make money online by several ways by beware of scams. Today we discus about Presearch. With Presearch you can get paid to search. You have only sign in with your Presearch account and type and search anything via their search engines like google, Bing, Yandex etc. Every time you search something they will add points to your presearch account. Only you have to do after you reach the withdrawal limit withdraw your money. Isn’t is good way to earn? yes it’s a great way to earn online. 

**Golden Tip for bloggers
If you have a blogger or web presearch will be very useful. Because while you earn money by searching you can increase your web or blog search engine results pages (SEPRPs), thus increasing your organic click-through rate (CTR) for those results and boosting web sites rankings. Only you have to do is type your blog keywords or blog post topics in search box and search and surf while find your blog site post. That is a best way to increase both your earnings and blog search engine rank.

Ok. then let discuss about Presearch 


You can find that presearch online search platform at It is a new crypto project that is taking on Google with its next-generation search has launch in 2018.
Presearch is a n Open, Decentralized search engine that powered by the community. Presearch is promoting a system and features that lets people to “Get Paid to Search”. Every time you complete the searches with presearch’s online search platform, You will earn 0.25 Tokens per search. You can search unlimited times per day but they paying only 32 searches. So you can daily earn 0.25*32= 8 tokens. Withdrawal limit is 1000 tokens.
Presearch is making a transparent search engine with that in mind, which they describe as fundamental to the open internet. This alternative search engine will reimagine online searches from the root level. It will make use of community involvement to construct search data. 

Features of Presearch

Decentralized Search
             Open and transparent ranking factors enable content creators to access a level playing field, and users    the choice of which data sources to utilize
           Community-driven decision-making process ensures that everyone’s interests are aligned and the best content is surfaced and displayed
              Ability to vote on and fund dev projects provides ability to influence and improve the platform and earn tokens for contributing

Token Ecosystem
                  Tokens can be purchased during the Presearch Token crowdsale
                  Tokens will be issued to early adopters to reward usage and promotion of the platform
                  Token-holders will be able to vote on decisions, suggest / fund dev projects
                   Devs will receive tokens for contributing to features / projects
                   Advertisers will be able to purchase targeted, non-intrusive, keyword sponsorships with PREs

Presearch has an innovative Go to market strategy to target the most frequent searchers, Web workers and gain early adoption on their way to releasing future versions of the open sources platform that will utilize a block chain based index curated by the community.

Faster way to search
Presearch gives you one step, fast and easy access to your most commonly used search providers including Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Amazon, eBay and many other search engines.

Get Paid in Cryptocurrency
Every time you search in presearch via search engines, you will be rewarded with Presearch’s PRE crypto tokens. These tokens can be used to buy services or traded for other cryptocurrencies.
See Current Presearch token value here - $0.033075 USD

Your Data, Your choice
Presearch do not track or store any of your sensitive or private information or searches. With Presearch You control your data, choosing if and when to share it.

What will it cost to Join with Presearch?

Presearch is still in a beta stage, so You can join for free.
You can create a free account for Presearch to start using its search tool, with the company noting that more than
10 000 peoples are already suing it in its beta stage.

How to earn with Presearch?
Simply Presearch rewards its community members with Presearch Tokens for their usage, contribution and promotion of the platform.
Presearch will pay you to search for anything you like online, with google, Bing, yahoo, eBay, Amazon, All lyrics, DuckDuckGo and many others. You don’t have to search unnecessarily but, if you do your normal daily search, you get paid. You can search 32 times daily. They pay you in PRE coins. As you complete searches with Presearch’s online platform, you will earn tokens (0.25 Token per search).
When you search 32 times daily, you earn 8 PRE coins (32*0.25). This coins can be sold for real cash $$$. Currently 1 PRE coin is equivalent to $0.033075 USD. That value will change every times, sometimes it value go up sometimes go dawn. who knows what it is worth now that you are reading the post. That could be worth more or less.

Minimum payout
After you reach to 1000 PRE coins you can withdraw your money.
  1.    Create your Presearch free account
  2.    After you confirm your email log into your Presearch account
  3.    Type something on search bar and search it using different site like, Google, Bing, eBay, Amazon and
       others by clicking on that sites’ icon.
    you can search 32 times per day, you can earn 8 PRE coins (32*0.25) per day.
  4.     After you reach to 1000 coins you can withdraw your money.

Presearch Payment proofs

Payment proof coming soon

Personally I recommend that site because you can find positive feedback about Presearch in the internet easily. That is still in its  beta stage but they have more than 10000 members.

* currently they restrict my account with out any reason.

Thank you for reading- Presearch review; Legit or scam – Get paid to Search while increase your SEPRs rank.
Good Luck.
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