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Freecashads review + payment proof - Get paid to click + Get paid to Watch + Get Paid to post

Freecashads review; scam or legal - legal + Payment proof 

Freecashads Online since 2018.02.18 
Are you try to earn money online with PTC (Paid To Click) sites. How many times you became a scam with that PTC sites? In PTC industry more than 95% of PTC sites became scam after some times. Not only that You have to click thousand times to earn a 1$ and finally it became scam and lost your money and time too. Yes, I have been experienced that. Since the last few years I try to lot of PTC sites. Sometimes I earned well but all of them became a scam after few years.

Freecashads review + payment proof - Get paid to click + Get paid to Watch + Get Paid to post
However, since 2018.02.18 still I am earning well with that PTC site without any issues. Freecashads is a Site that paid to click ads, Paid to watch videos and paid to complete offers. It has its own unique script.

Make Money Online with freecashads.
With FreeCashAds, by Viewing Web pages, Watching YouTube videos and completing various free offers you can earn cash and withdraw earnings via PayPal where you can then deposit into your bank account. With freecashads you can make more than 0.04$ per web page visit and 0.15$ per video watch. Also you can earn up to 100% extra commission income from the people who sign up under your ref link.
They are using their own currency unit of cents¢ for their transactions.

Its Safe and Free
Easily create a free cash ads account for free and start earn and collecting cash from ads and videos. Freecashads also have many offers and lifetime referral earnings for you to get more profit from at a maximum level. Payments are securely sent via PayPal where fees may apply. They are using only a PayPal as a payment processor. Don’t worry, still they haven’t any issues with PayPal. The Minimum cash out for all members is set to only 1.00$. Another happy thing is there is no any withdrawal fee.

Earn quick cents cents¢ with FreeCashAds.
  • Minimum cash out 1$
  • Payments done by only PayPal payment processor
  • Transaction units cents¢
  • 100¢ points = 1.00$
  • *No withdrawal fee
  • Withdrawal time period up to 7/8 days. (Free members 7/8 days, priority members 24 Hours)

For Earners
·         First Sign-up > Earn by Cash Links & Videos > Convert to Ads or Cash out > PayPal
·         Earn up to $0.0213 per web page visit and $0.16 per YouTube video view.
·         Free members earn 50% from direct referrals and Priority members earn 100% from their direct referrals.
·         Minimum cash out for all members is set to $1.00. There is no any withdrawal fee.
·         Cash Offers available. (offer walls and offers from freecashads)

Referral earnings
There are two type of referrals
  1.       Free Members
  2.       Priority Members

1.Free Members
No membership cost
50% from referrals earnings
For received payments it takes 7/8 days

2.Priority Members
Upgrade cost only 1$ per month.
100% from referrals earnings
For received payments it takes 24 hours
Priority support available

You can multiply your earnings endlessly by sharing your referral link and invite for other peoples to register under your ref link in your downline. Free members allow to make 50% and priority members allow to make 100% additional profits for every cash ad and video they collect from every time. So you can earn more by increasing your active referrals with priority membership.

For Advertisers
·         First Sign-up > Advertise Link & Video > Enter ad Details > Send Payment > Ad Listed
·         Advertise your web links for as low as $0.03 per 100 real visitors.
·         Advertise your YouTube video for as low as $0.67 per 100 real views.
·         Features; Target countries, select gender, set daily visits and hide referrer link.
·         It will cost you a minimum amount of $1.25 to place an ad.

How to advertise YouTube
Easily you can place your YouTube videos in FreeCashads platform and increase your video views and visibility, potential likes, comments and subscribers by real, verified users worldwide. You can adjust your video ad time as you want, so viewers can watch more than 8 minutes of your video. You can select specific countries as well as choose between gender of visitors. 

Personally I recommended you to join with that site for you because Already I got a lot of payments from Freecashads. Also the admin is trusted person. You can contact him and get support 24*7. Also you can contact admin and read the positive reviews and feedback about freecashads in famous online earning forums like Emoneyspace, BeerMoneyForum and TalkPTC.


Freecashads community is an official forum of freecashads. But it’s a community more than other ptc forums. You need to join with that community separately. Because it’s more than the forum. Community members can discuss more topics more than Earn online money. You can get paid to post in that Freecashads community.

you can Earn,
For new post – 0.05¢
For New Thread   - 0.15¢
Per referral    - 100¢

*Temparary closed due to Paypal limitation.
Good Luck.
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