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Monday, December 10, 2018

Social Media + Bloggers Boost Spot

Social Media + Bloggers Boost Spot

Hello welcome all for

Hello welcome all of you for our community

Social media + Blogger Boost Spot is a Facebook based community that dedicated for Boost & promote your social media profiles, your Blog site’s or web site’s Social media fan pages or your own social media profiles/fan pages and exchange your web or blog traffic and ad clicks. You can easily exchange Likes4likes, Follow4Follow, Sub4Sub, Comment4Comment, Pin4Pin, View4View, Traffic exchange, ad click exchange & All other exchanges related to boost and promote Social media profiles & blog/web. That community is own for

At the beginning of blogging journey, most of bloggers have to face many problems like boost their blog sites traffics, increase their social media profiles fan base and blog earnings. When you need to boost your blog or web, you can start some ad campaigns and pay money to get more likes, followers and traffic. Also you can join with some SEO boosting web sites. As a result, you can build up some fan base and good quality traffic. But those methods are too much costly. Also after some days some members could be unlike or unfollow your social profile after they got the payment or credits. So above methods didn’t gain good result as you expected. So you have to involve with trusted and good way to boost your web, blog traffic or social medias fan base. Our Community will help you to get permanent social media followers.

That article will help you to Know more about our community, what are the rules, how to promote and post your web/blog or social media profiles.

What is Social media + Bloggers Boost Spot?   

Boost Spot Is a Facebook based community that dedicated to promote and boost your Social media profiles/pages (Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Google Plus and others social medias), your blog or web sites. Also you can Exchange Votes to Likes or shares or follows, Exchange blog/web posts traffic Exchange ad clicks, Guest post, backlinks and many more that help to boost and promote your blog and social medias. 

That community is own to

To get unlimited permanent fans for your Social Media profiles. First you need to like or follow others’ profiles/fan pages in the group, then post your social media profiles/fan pages in the comment or post section or related thread. 

Also don’t forget to invite your friends to join and share our community to build better and trusted community together, not only that it will also help you to get more fans to your fan pages. Also it helps to boost your web/blog traffic.

All of you are welcome to join with us.

But following persons can get more advantages.
1.       Blog/web owners
2.      Social media profiles/fan pages’ owners or promoters (Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus and others on
3.       Person who like to exchange votes and likes to your post/image for likes, shares, follow etc.
4.       Person who like to exchange web/blog traffic with others
5.       Person who like to exchange ad click * should follow rules

Please follow the Rules
  •      First, Please like our fb page,
  •      Visit and follow the guidelines in pin post if available.
  •      Use only English language to post in that community
  •      Be kind and courteous, Healthy debates are natural.
  •      Respect Admin, Moderators and other member’s ideas and their privacy
  •      No hate speech or bullying and false news. Make sure everyone feels safe. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed, and
         degrading comments about things such as race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity will not be tolerated.
  •      Political related persons, parties, pages or any other related promotion activities are not allowed.
  •      Not allow any promotions that are engaged in Terrorist activity, organized hate, Mass or serial murder, Human trafficking,
        Organized violence or criminal activities, weapons, drugs, alcohol and tobacco products.
  •       Not allow any Sexuality and pornographic videos or images
  •       Not allowed Sexual violence or exploitation, including sexual assault and content that sexually exploits or endangers
  •       Don’t post a same comment or link more than one time in one thread. Don’t spamming.
  •       We not allow any type of spam in our community. Any suspicious Spam post will be deleted and the poster will be blocked
         right way.
  •       Please be honest. We promote only permanent fans only. Don’t Unlike or Unfollow others profiles after they liked your
        profiles. If someone report some incident like that we will remove he/she from the community. So only comment if you can
    complete the exchange
  •       Not allow Direct ad links or affiliate links or ref links

Allowed things
·         Your social media profiles or fan pages Your blog sites or web sites-
     Like4likes, follow4follow, sub4sub, Comment4comment, traffic4traffic, click4click, pin4pin and All other exchanges relates to Promote, Boost your Social media profiles and blogger/web.
·         Your blog sites or web sites
·         Blog or web posts
·         Adult pages
·         Your success stories related to blogging and monetarizing
·         Vote, Backlink exchanging
·         Guest post and other all related request to blogging

Not allow and remove
·         Political related post, pages, persons
·         Illegal things like weapons, drugs, tobacco & alcoholic things
·         Child or animal abuse related things
·         Pornographic or sex videos or images
·         Racist related activities and pages
·         Direct ad links or affiliate links or ref link
·         Your personal photos and post

  •       If you have the special announcements or any requests or any help or any complain or wanted to report about post or
         member feel free to contact admin or moderators.
  •       Please share your social media profiles links only in the related threads ( facebook like in facebook like thread, Blog post
         comments only in Blog post comments thread.) & follow community rules and thread guidelines.

·         For post your social media links you should follow the below rules.

How to promote your links in our community
1.       By participating for each official social media promotional threads
2.       By individual posting

01.By participating for each official social media threads
We not allow to post any individual post related to Promote your Social Media Profiles. That social media promotions should promote via official threads. For exchange likes, followers, pin, subscribers, we allow only Official social media threads. One thread should valid for noticed time period.
Examples- Facebook likes thread for exchange Facebook page likes, simply you can exchange likes for likes in that thread.
Threads should start by admin or moderators. If you want to start a new social medial promotion thread, please contact admin or moderators.

Allowed official social media promotional threads for exchanges
Facebook likes for likes
Twitter followers for followers
YouTube Subscribers to Subscribers
other social media followers to followers
Blog/web post traffic exchange
Blog post comments exchange
Others social media exchanges

How to post your social media and other link in each official social media threads? And  Rules.
Common rules to comment in the thread.

01. Read and follow the community rules the thread’s guidelines

02. Go to comment section and first, Tag/Mention the name of the person above your comment. This will help us to say Goodbye for people
       who removing their links after getting followers. 

03. Post your social media profile or fan page link and also add Your social media profile/page Username too.

04. Then like or follow all links before and after your comment. 

(Like/follow others who liked or followed your Social media profile. Not only that, Like and follow all the links in the thread’s comments section before closed the thread. If you like/follow more profiles, they will relike/refollow your profiles too. It will help you to build up large fan base. So Don’t try to cheat. Be honest.)

After you follow/like others’ profiles, please put “Like”/Heart reaction to each comment link, also “please do not add any comment in reply under their link (Don’t add comment like, “liked, please like back, Followed, Done, Tweet, subscribed or visited under their link. Only like is enough.)”. That will help to makes the thread unnecessary longer. 

*But you can mention or tag member’s names who you liked or followed but still nor like or follow back your profile. (mention their names under your comment)

05. After follow/like all profiles or pages in the thread put a like reaction to the Thread.

06. What can you do if people who already like or followed by yourself but still not like or followed your profiles or page?
After you liked or followed others link give him/her a reasonable time period to Like or follow back your link. But he/she still not relike or refollow your profile then, follow the below rules.

 i. First Send a personal message of final warning for him/her like below,
     Hello Friend! This is a final warning! I liked/followed/subscribed/……….  your page/profile. Please like/follow/subscribe/…...... back my page/profile too. (add Your profile/page link).
Thank you.”

ii. Wait and Give him/her reasonable time period. If he/she like or follow back your link and complete the exchange successfully, then send a message saying “Thank you.” (If you want you can request a proof of screen shot).

iii. If he/she didn’t send positive reply after some reasonable time period give him/her “Angry reaction” for his/her link. Also you can mention or tag him/her in the reply section under your link and report about him/her for the community admins and moderators. We will remove him or her from the community.

iv. If you have received final warning! message then don’t wait, go to link, like/follow that link and reply to sender saying done or if you cannot like or follow the link then please reply with a reasonable answer.

If you wish to start a thread, please follow the below rules
If you want to start a new thread, please contact the admin or moderators. Only moderators and admin allow to post the thread. If you like you can request for moderator memberships.

1. Title of post (Exchange likes for likes, Exchange traffic)
2. End dates and valid time period.
3. * “Please read the Community rules URL here” sentence.
4. Applicable rules for put comments in thread.

2.By individual posting
In individual post we allow all of other things not included in above threads
Guest posts request
Vote exchange
Any problems related to blogging or social medias
Exchange likes for subscribe/ follow for like/ follow for subscribe/ etc.
Backlink exchange

·         Please Complete your exchanges successfully before end the official threads.
·         We not allow Direct ad links or affiliate links or ref link, then how exchange your ad click thought our community?  Simply answer is Follow that thread guidelines.

Until you follow the rules you will protected. If you break it, only we have to say goodbye for you.
Thank you every one for reading and join with our community.

Read updated news, rules and guidelines of our community>>

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Join our community   Social Media + Bloggers Boost Spot

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