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Linkcollider review - Free SEO Tool + Your #1 source of Likes, Tweets, Subscribers, Followers and Web views

Linkcollider review; Legit or scam -Free SEO Tool + Your #1 source of Likes, Tweets, Subscribers, Followers.

Linkcollider is a free Seo Tool that help to webmasters to increase their blog SEO. It is a Free SEO Tool + Your #1 source of Likes, Tweets, Subscribers, Followers and views.
If you are finding Free SEO tools with social media advertising to improve SEO and increase website views as well as your primary sources of likes, tweets, subscribers, followers.

Linkcollider review  - Free SEO Tool + Your #1 source of Likes, Tweets, Subscribers, Followers and Web views
log post then linkColllider can be the best and only perfect SEO tool for you.

How to join With LinkCollider?

1.       Sign up with LinkColliderfree
LinkCollider - SEO Tools with Social Media Advertising

2.       Submit your web/blog site URL and Social Media profiles URLS (maximum 3 sites for Free members)
          Go to SUBMIT A WEBSITE tab >> Choose type of your site (Personal/business website, Twitter Page, Google+  page, Facebook  page, Pinterest page, YouTube channel)>> Include the Title, URL and description >> Add amount of token  that you want to give member in the field of Reward >> Click on Submit

3.       Start generate tokens by completing activities like, share, like, post, pin, follow and follow others. 

4.       If you are completing more activities and earn more tokens, then you also get more likes, shares and follows too.

What is LinkCollider ?

LinkCollider - SEO Tools with Social Media Advertising
LinkCollider is the only Free SEO tools with social media advertising to improve SEO and increase your primary sources of likes, tweets, subscribers, followers and blog post views. That is a SEO tool and website ranking tool that uses social media sites to Improve SEO. Linkcollider help to improve your website SEO in several ways and help you connect socially. Their tools are aimed at helping you get the most out of your website while ranking in search engines. They help promote your business or personal sites by creating and maintaining social media audiences that help improve your online presence.
LinkCollider is good at Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Website views Generation, Social Media Exchange and more. 

Linkcollider SEO tools will help you grow your online business, personal blogs and your social media networks by pairing site owners who want to improve search engine rankings and get free Facebook Likes and shares with users who will genuinely interact with their web platforms.You can use LinkCollider as an SEO tools for connect with real people from more than 420,000 active users from more than 200 countries.

Nowadays social media sites play a role in web or blog sites popularity. So linkcollider can also help you get free facebook likes & shares, Google plus followers, Pinterest pin, Twitter tweets and Followers, YouTube Subscribers, Pinterest followers, Tumblr reposts, Wordpress posts, Blogger/Blogspot posts and Stumbleupon/Mix posts.

May be you cannot imagine how social media could change the fate of your website SEO. Nowadays, most search engines use social media stats to calculate the popularity of a web or blogsite. So Linkcollider will guide you how you can get more social media shares, followers and likes which you can lead you to the success and improve your website SEO at the same time.

What can you get by using Linkcollider?

·         Website views
·         Backlinks generate
·         Higher PageRank
·         Twitter Followers
·         Facebook Likes
·         Google Plus
·         Bookmarks
·         Tweets
·         YouTube Subscribers
·         Pinterest Followers
·         Tumblr Posts
·         Stumbleupon/Mix Posts
·         WordPress Posts
·         Blogger/Blogspot Posts
·         Facebook Shares
·         Directory Submission
·         Search Engine Optimization
·         Better SEO Ranking
·         Search Engine submission
·         Article Rewriter
·         Dropmylink
·         Social bookmarking

To get above services you need to use tokens. Token serves as your money on LinkCollider. You pay tokens to other LinkCollider users to give you tweets, likes, shares, blog post, followers and subscribers. You can earn tokens by completing web activities. But every time you get activities (tweet, like, shares etc) token will be deducted from your account depending on how much you set the Reward Token. As a free member you can collect 20000 maximum tokens but if you buy you can buy more than 20000 tokens. Also as a free member you are allow only maximum 2000 token to expense per day. To get a best result it will take at least one month. But they recommend to stick with them and you will see better result.

How to earn with Linkcollider?

Facebook likes, YouTube Subscribers, Facebook shares, Tweets, Tweeter Followers, Google+, Pinterest pins, Pinterest Followers, Tumblr Post, Stumbleupon/Mix posts, WordPress Posts, Blogger Posts and Autosurf, Clicks.

You can earn with only few steps

01. Sign up into your Linkcollider account

02. Go to Collect token tab and click on it

03. Choose your prefer earning method

04. Click Like, follow, tweet, post buttons and verify ( after clicked you need to click on verify button to claim your tokens.)

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Why you need to use linkcollider as an SEO Tool?

SEO gain a best benefit to bloggers as well as web owners to achieve the high web rank in search engines. SEO tools help to optimize your web or blog site SEO. However, to the success of your SEO strategy highly depends on the SEO tools that you use. You can find a lot of SEO tools free as well as paid. LinkCollider is a popular SEO tool that has helped a lot of bloggers in getting more and more visits. Linkcollider is practically one of the number one site visit source that will also give your website or blogsite a social boost. I you have just started managing your blog or website, then linkcollider can help you reach your target audience.

If you are long-term blogger or web owner who looking for more views as well as Search Engine Optimization for your web or blog site and if you are still not using Linkcollider as an SEO Tool, then you have been greatly missing out. Now its time to using Linkcollider  to achieve SEO best results for your site. Here are some reasons why you should use LinkCollider as an SEO tool.

1.Link Building
Link building is the procedure of exchanging your web links with other relevant sites in order to increase your backlinks. Linkcollider will allow you to get quality backlinks and thus helps you rank higher on search engines. That backlinks are essential in determining the amount of site visits that your website will receive. It’s because, the more backlink you get, the more popular your site is.

2.Helps you Attract more visit for your site
If you have received more views that is the best gauge of your success of your website. Using Linkcollider as an SEO tool will provide you with a lot of views.You will be able to get more people to like, comment and share bout your products or services via linkcollider. Nowadays everyone has a social media accounts. Social media presence will help attract potential clients and at the same time increasing your rankings on search engine result pages.

3.Increase Conversion Rate
If you have site is for your business, then you are looking for more visits is to increase your sales, then linkcollider will help you to achieve this goal. It works through social media to help generate lots of visits for your blog or site. Out of all these people that will visit your website, more than three quarters will be prompted to make a purchase. Therefore, enjoy an increase in sales.

4.Impoved Visibility
Hey! Are you worried about your current rank on search engine result pages? Well, Linkcollider can help you out with that. They will help distribute your niche using the keywords related to your products or services. As a result, your site will become more visible. People often trust the results displayed on page one of the search engines. Having your page ranking at the top is like hitting the jackpot.

We probably have to admit that SEO is not a walk in the park. For you to successes, you must know about website optimization, link building, site visit generation and much more. To avoid all this hassle, why not seek help from professionals. With linkcollider, you won’t have to worry about the ever-changing SEO techniques. Linkcollider will help you with all this and much more, including social media marketing. So you have the freedom and time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Advantages of using LinkCollider

·         Completely free to join and work if you are ready to work
·         Free SEO tools
·         Very clean and user friendly interface
·         Increase tour web or blog views
·         Not need to use proxy servers or bots
·         No footprints. You are safe from any potential negative impact.
·         Gain backlinks easily
·         Social bookmarking
·         Create unique articles via Article rewriter
·         Online Directories
·         Drop my link function help to drops a link to your website in the comments section

Disadvantages of using LinkCollider
·         As a free member you are limited to some tools
·         Buying points/Tokens is expensive
·         Collecting token manually can be take lot of time and that can be boring
·         Poor bounce rate and low quality of backlink.
·     Some members like or share or pin for sites to earn points but after they earn points they immediately deleting posts, shares or likes
·         Most accounts can be fake

Top tips on How to maximize Linkcollider

Be Patient
In web management, real result in SEO cannot be achieved in an overnight. You want to be patience. Patience is an SEO. Also while improving your SEO typically needs to be done slowly over months to years. But nobody would like to wait that much time. So you can Linkcollider SEO tools and cut dawn the waiting time to as little as a month. Yes, that is a cool. So be patient and be consistent in using linkcollider in order to achieve quantifiable and significant SEO results.

Get Subscribers, Followers and Likes at a steady pace.
Don’t expect to get truckloads of subscribers, followers and likes in the space of just one day. However, if you get on dubious sites and pay to increase website visits and social media following, this is possible for you. But the results might be dire for your site.
Don’t worry Linkcollider protect their members’ social media accounts so they won’t get penalties from any social media sites. Linkcollider control and optimize how many subscribers, followers and likes your pages should get per day.

Share and Make linkcollider Community Bigger
You will get more Followers and clicks to your websites as their community gets bigger and bigger. Thus, as you see Linkcollider SEO services and tools working for you, Invite your fellow webmasters and bloggers to linkcollider.  Not only do you get help to improve your SEO. You can also make it as part of your passive income when you start earning from linkcollider Affiliate Program.

Collect token regularly
To ensure that you get the best out of their web site, make sure to always have tokens. All of their SEO services are at your disposal so long as you have tokens in your Linkcollider account. LinkCollider is user-friendly and budget-friendly as they offer FREE ways to collect tokens, but for those who are availing of their SEO tools at a fast pace and thus need large sums of tokens, you can purchase tokens at your convenience in linkcollider Store.

Use their other SEO tools
You want to sure that you are using the full range of their service. So take advantage of their SEO tools like Drop My Link, Bookmark Submission and Backlink Generator to get better and faster SEO results.

Send them Feedback
Linkcollider love to hear from you! If you see any bugs or glitches, tell them right way using their Feedback page. They also continuously improve their services so take time to send them suggestions on how they can further improve their site. 

Read their Blog
If you are new to SEO, you will pick up REAL tips and Tricks of the trade in their Blog section. They cover tips on how to increase website visits, link building strategies and social media marketing tricks. So that will help you to improve your SEO knowledge and other trick and tips.

How to Earn money with LinkCollider?
For every person you bring to LinkCollider, you will get 100 Tokens.

Affiliate earning
For every person you bring to LinkCollider who buys a membership plan for the first time, you will get a 20% commission of the sale.
You can earn up to 55.99$ by sharing linkcollider Affiliate link. For every person you bring to linkcollider who buys a membership plan for the first time. You will get a 20% commission of the sale.
Any commission you make will be automatically sent to your Paypal account.
You may share your Affiliate Link on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Forums or Blogs.

Amount You'll Get
Premium Membership
Premium Membership (Annual)
Gold Membership
Gold Membership (Annual)

How do you get paid?
Any commissions you make will be sent to you via PayPal account within 60 days of purchase.

LinkCollider - SEO Tools with Social Media Advertising

Ok. Today we discuss about Linkcollider,  a free SEO tool and sources for Likes, Tweets, Subscribers, Followers and Web visits. Ok i think now you have a better understand about our post Linkcollider review 2018.
Boost your SEO and enjoy blogging.

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