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Advanced SystemCare 12 for speed up your computer

 IObit Advanced SystemCare 12 

Hello friends,
Today we discuss about IObit Advanced SystemCare 12.
That is the latest version of IObit Advanced SystemCare software.
 Advanced SystemCare 12 for speed up your computer

What is Iobit advanced system care?

Iobit Advanced SystemCare  is an all in one yet easy to use PC optimization software to clean, optimize, speed up, and protect your system, as well as secure your online privacy by one click. Also it has an attractive & User friendly interface.

With the best one click approach, it is easy for you to clean up junk files, leftovers, redundant registry entries, accelerate Internet speed, sweep privacy traces, remove spyware threats, manage startup items, invalid shortcuts and fix system weakness and
security holes.

You can be taking advantage of the redesigned performance monitor, Advanced SystemCare  not only monitors your PC’s CPU/GPU/Mainboard temperature, RAM/CPU/Disk usage and fan speed in real-time but also lets you quickly end the processes that slow down your PC to make PC more responsive and faster.

Specially, for a better privacy protection, Advanced SystemCare  optimizes Homepage Advisor, Face ID, Surfing Protection and Ads- Removal. The feature of Face ID automatically captures intruders secretly accessing to your PC or trying to steal your personal information & important files. Feature of Homepage Advisor monitors & notifies you of any change to homepage and/or search engine in case of any unwanted modifications. With the feature of Surfing protection & Ads- Removal, you can enjoy secure as well as smooth surfing experience without various online threats and annoying ads. So you can enjoy fastest surfing in internet without any issues. Also it has features like Browser Anti tracking feature, DNS protector and internet booster Those features will protect you from lot of internet threads.  

So What is more, Advanced SystemCare  rebuilds and improves more than 10 useful tools and features, such as Startup Manager, Default Program, Large File Finder, Turbo Boost, Hardware Accelerate, Deep optimization, Disk cleaner, Smart Ram. Auto Shutdown, Disk Doctor, System control and MyWin10, to make old PCs live longer and run faster.

Pros and cons

Improves computer performance
Faster PC & Online Surfing
Safer System & Online Surfing
Privecy Shied will protect your privacy
Anti-Cryptocurrency Mining
One click optimization
Useful Performance Monitor widget
Health Monitor provides at a glance system information
User friendly
Easy access
Low cost

Installation limitations
Some features are available only for pro version
A few features are separate downloads & upsells
Lacks across the board community based recommendations

For many of people, buying a new computer or laptop is the obvious answer for dealing with a PC that has started to slow down. However Thankfully that isn't the only solution. we can save our self from hundreds or even thousands of dollars, if we invest in a tune up utility, such as that IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro. The application of IObit Advanced SystemCare lets you perform all of the system repairing actions found in IObit Advanced SystemCare Free and it also adds real time optimization, deeper Windows registry cleaner & other features. However, remember that Advanced SystemCare Pro doesn't quite match AVG Tune Up and Iolo System Mechanic's ability to tune up a PC but that application is one to consider for premium performance cleanup at a good price as we mention above.

What are the advanced Features in Iobit advanced system care 

Cleaner & Smoother PC
ASC Clean up your computer every day to keep it running smoothly & free up valuable system resources. As a powerful PC cleaner, Advanced SystemCare 11 lets you remove junk files, leftovers, temporary files and invalid shortcuts even piled up registry files with just one click. The feature of New disk optimization technology is also adopted to free up your disk space and improve your disk performance as well as finally your pc performance.

Faster PC & Online Surfing
As usually, there is nothing more frustrating than a sluggish computer. That Iobit Advanced SystemCare 11 deeply optimizes startup settings and boosts Internet connection for you. The features like Turbo boost, Hardware Accelerate, Deep optimization, App/Toolbar Cleaner will help to Speed up your PC. So with that you would never be bothered by long boot time, taking forever to download, failing to load pages, slow responses in switching between pages and other common issues.

Safer System & Online Surfing
You know that new security threats release in every day. To make guarantee a secured PC, that Advanced SystemCare11 deepens and expands its protection. Features of New Security Reinforce improves the security level of your system by preventing hacking and other threads. Also no more malware exists while scanning your computer routinely. For online safety, ASC helps quickly identify programs which modify your homepage & remove popup ads on webpage.

Real-time Protecting& Monitoring
Without any disturbing for you, Real time Protector automatically runs in the background to monitor the whole system continuously to prevent malicious infection like spyware, malware, proactively and lightly. The Redesigned Performance Monitor not only monitors your PC’s RAM/CPU/Disk usage, CPU/GPU/Mainboard temperature, and fan speed in real-time, but also lets you optimize your slow computer with just one click. What’s more, FaceID immediately captures the image of intruder who breaks into your computer. 

Quicker Pc Startup
Iobit Advanced Systemcare intelligently speeds up your boot by diabling the unwanted programs and service and heavy startup items with just One-Click.

More Features & benefits

·         Basic System Clean, Fix and Optimization
·         Ultimate System Tuneup for Top Performance
·         Up to 300% Internet Speedup with Internet Booster
·         Capture intruders automatically with FaceID
·         Auto RAM Clean with Real-time Optimization
·         Clean Piled-up Registries for Stable System
·         New Disk Optimization Engine to Maximize PC Performance
·         Fix System Weakness to Prevent Hacking with 1-click
·         Remove Infections and Protect against Various Threats
·         Auto Online Privacy Trace Clean with Browser Anti-Tracking
·         Redesigned Performance Monitor Monitors and Boosts Your PC
·         Up to 200% Quicker PC Startup
·         Auto Update to the Latest Version
·         Runs in the Background - Install and Forget It
·         Fantastic New Skins & Themes
·         Free 24/7 Technical Support on Demand

*All features available in AdvancedSystemCare Pro  (Only 19.99$, 1 year/3 pcs)

Previous version- 
Iobit Advanced SystemCare 11

Title                 : Iobit Advanced SystemCare
Filename        : advanced-systermcare-setup.exe
File size           : 28.31MB
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 /
                           Windows 10 64-bit.
Languages      : Multiple languages
License            : Freeware
Author             : IObit
Web                  :

 Install Iobit Advanced SystemCare 11 & enjoy boosted pc experience.

IObit Advanced SystemCare  12 available- Latest version of IObit Advanced SystemCare 12

What is new in IObit Advanced SystemCare 12?

Here is a good news for you. Now Iobit system care 12 is available. Than include advanced features than the previous versions of Advanced Systemcare. So it can be the powerfull software which is used to optimized your PC. ASC tool can help you in optimization as well as fixing security issues in your PC. It contains all of the necessary tools which are perfect for fixing your computer’s health issues.If you have a problems with Privacy protection, Digital Fingerprint Cleaning, Anti-Cryptocurrency Mining and Deeper PC Optimization. Then Advanced SystemCare 12 can be a best for protecting your privacy and other issues with just a single click.So your Pc will became fast and works smoother.

Advanced SystemCare 12 Features

*Privecy Shied
Have you ever lost the computer files or found the files modified by others? Iobit Advanced SystemCare 12 RC helps to protect your important data efficiently. The newly added Privacy Shield prevents sensitive personal and business data from unauthorized access. Sensitive data in browser, contacts, OneDrive and Dropbox data can be well protected. Also, this new feature can help block unauthorized programs’ accessing sensitive data and inform you immediately once sensitive data access is detected or unauthorized programs are blocked.

*Digital Fingerprint Cleaning
Users are likely to leave some digital fingerprint due to their personal preference. Besides bringing convenience to your surfing, these digital fingerprints can be used by some malicious web sites to track your private data and push some ads. Browser Anti-Tracking will automatically clear your digital fingerprint and browsing data, which prevents the computer from online tracking, phishing sites, malicious ads and helps to clear the browsing history.

So that will be help to protect your privacy and browser.

*Anti-Cryptocurrency Mining
To prevent cryptojacking and make an ads-free environment for users, Advanced SystemCare 12 RC gives fully support to Chorme, Firefox, Edge and Internet Explorer and the newly-added Microsoft Edge. As the database has increased by 40% Advanced SystemCare 12 RC can block mora items and threats, including cryptocurrency mining sites and harmful Pop-ups.

*Deeper PC Optimization
Piles of useless junk files slow down the speed of the PCs, especially those old ones. With Advanced SystemCare 12 RC, you can get your computer cleaned and optimized easily. It can scan and clean more useless files in your system, including junk files, private data, registry files, unused downloads, Windows 10 icons and Office caching, thus making your PC run 200% faster.
It help to make a system slimming.

*Homepage Advisor
Improve identification of your homepage and search engine.

*Enriched Registry Repair and Vulnerebility Repair

*additional  Start Menu 8 to Windows 8/8.1 users

* Improved UI readability and additional new Metro UI alternative

Advabnced windowscare Personal is 100% seure and clean without any spyware, adware or viruses.

File size           : 36.1 MB
Version          : v12.0.2
Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / XP 64-bit / Vista 64-bit / Windows 7 64-bit / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64-bit / Windows 10 /  Windows 10 64-bit.
                          1 GHz or faster processor
                          1 GB or higher RAM
                          200 MB of free space.
                          1024*768 and better screen resolution.

Languages      : Multiple languages
License            : Freeware
Author             : IObit
Web                  :

*For better experiences please install or upgrade to Advanced SystemCare pro.

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