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SerpClix review with Payment proof - Earn 0.05$ per click while Increase SERP CTR

Serpclix review; legit or scam - Legal - Payment proof - Earn 0.05$ per click + Increase SERP CTR

Serpclix is a combined of Paid to click + paid to search. Serpclix pays 0.05-0.10$ per click for its members and help webmasters to increase their sites' SERP CTR.
online since 2017. * Payment proof

Are you looking for what is Serpclix? or Would you like to earn 0.05-0.10$ per click? or/while looking for Increase your site's google SERP CTR ? Then this article about serpclix will help you.

SerpClix review with Payment proof - Earn 0.05$ per click while Increase SERP CTR

With Serpclix you can  earn 0.05-0.10$ per click or Increase your google SERP CTR.Or Earn 0.05$ per click while increase your SERP CTR. Let discuss,

  *********- Payment proof************

What is Serpclix?

Serpclix is a Get paid to click site. But Its not a PTC site. Serpclix completely different from other PTC sites.

With serpclix, clickers only want to search and Click. As mention in above serpclix is a combined of  Get Paid To search + Get paid To Click. With Serpclix clickers can earn money. With serpclix Webmasters only need to advertise their keywords with web/blog site url. With that they can increase their Google SERP CTR. If you interest only earn by get paid to search then join Presearch .It is paying their members for searching. But its not like serpclix. 

SerpClix is the first and only Crowd-sourced solution to improve organic SEO rankings by sending real humans visitors to search engine results pages (SEPRPs), thus increasing your organic click-through rate (CTR) for those results and boosting web sites rankings.
With Serpclix web masters who wish to improve organic SEO rankings & boosting ranking can buy a credits and advertise on Serpclix. Members or real human clickers can earn money by clicking on that orders. Clickers can earn minimum 0.05$-0.10$ per order but that depend on their locations.

  • With Serpclix Members can get paid to Visit Websites
  • Earn 0.05$ to 0.10$ per click
  • Earn 10% referral commission in first three months
  • Payout minimum: 5.00$
  • Payment processor; PayPal only. Auto withdrawn in first week on every month if you reach
    the minimum payout.
  • Online since June 2016.
  • Need latest updated version of FireFox web browser & serpclix extension

It is easy to get started using Serpclix for advertisers. Serpclix offering entirely self-service, and simple to use. Click orders are easy to create and include a simple calculator to help advertisers to determine how many clicks to order based on their keyword and current ranking. See blow for Advantages for advertisers and How to became a Serpclix clicker/member and start earnings?

Advantages for Advertisers,

With Serpclix advertiser’s/web masters will help to improve organic Google SERP CTR & SEO  by sending real human visitors to search engine results pages. Also it increasing web/blog organic click-through rate (CTR) for those results and boosting web sites rankings.
Click-through rate(CTR) has become an important ranking factor for organic search result on google. If Google sees a search result with a high click-through rate, then Google naturally assumes people are interested in that result, and thus they are like to rank that result higher.Serpclix connects websites owners and marketers with tens of thousands of real human clickers, located around the world, Who are paid a small amount to search for webmaster’s keywords and click on their listing, thus increasing your CTR.These are real humans, who go to Google, manually enter advertiser’s keywords, scroll through the results, and then click on advertiser’s listing. They will stay on your website for one minute. They will never click the back button- the tab will simply close when their one minute has finished.

For earning Serpclix clickers need to install a serpclix browser extension so that serpclix can track their behavior, and ensure that clickers are filling advertiser’s orders correctly. But that is all the extension does. It is not “simulating” the clicks (which is what their competitors do). It is only tracking the behavior of the actual human who is actually doing the searching and clicking, manually, on order at a time.
So If you would like to join as an advertiser Go to Serpclix and click on Buy Clicks Here.
 Serpclix review; legit or scam - Legal -  Payment proof - Earn 0.05$ per click + Increase SERP CTR Advertising packages

*1000 credit offer promo codes available.

How to Serpclix Ensuring their Quality

  • Serpclix have implemented a number of processes to ensure maximum quality. When a new clicker registers with serpclix they check their IP address and use a third-party service to assign a quality score to their IP. Clickers who don’t met our stringent IP quality threshold are excluded.
  • Serpclix also Geo-located each clicker and allow their customers the option of targeting specific locations if they choose.

     Other steps serpclix take to ensure click quality include:
  • Assigning a quality score to each clicker’s IP address, and excluding any that don’t meet our strict quality threshold.
  • Ensuring clickers enter advertiser’s keyword phrase *exactly* as you specified
  • Ensuring clickers click on the search result you specified
  • Ensuring clickers stay on advertiser’s site for a certain period of time
  • Ensuring the Back button is never clicked
  • Limiting the number of times an individual clicker can complete a specific click order
  • Limiting the number of orders any individual clicker can do
  • That traffic will appears in Google Analytics and Webmaster tools. 

How to became a Serpclix clicker and earn money

 Serpclix review; legit or scam - Legal -  Payment proof - Earn 0.05$ per click + Increase SERP CTR earners guide

In order to earn money as a Serpclix clicker/member  you must meet the following criteria:
1. You must be a Real Person, accessing Serpclix from a real IP address.
  •    Serpclix will detect your IP address and assign it a quality score. If your IP quality score is too low,
       you will not be able to use Serpclix. 
  •    If you use a proxy, VPN or any other means of attempting to spoof your IP address Serpclix system
       will  detect it and you will not be able to use Serpclix any more.
2. You must Log on from a computer (Windows or Macs are both acceptable), not from a smartphone.
3. You must install the latest version of the Firefox browser.
4. You must Install the SerpClix ADD-on to your Firefox browser.

*Firefox Extension/Add-on
Serpclix Firefox extension detects the country of your IP address and instructs you what keyword to search, which website to click and how long to stay on the page.

*No Application required
Anyone from any country can work for SERPClix. They do not filter or interview clickers. This is a great option for easy money.

All of Serpclix clickers are paid via PayPal once they reach the minimum threshold to receive their monthly clicker payout.

How to register with SerpClix?

1. If you haven’t  a SerpClix account, Go to SerpClix and click on BecomeA Clicker and fill the details.

2. Log in to your serpclix account and install the Serpclix extension. After completed installing Click on the Serpclix extension, enter your User name, password and log in to your serpclix order area.

3. You can see serpclix orders if orders are available (one or more orders can see according to the advertisers availability- refresh every 10 minutes). Then Click on one of the order.

4. After clicking the order, A new tab/page will open with Google search Bar.

5. Paste the keyword ( right-click and select “Paste” or type CTRL+V) into the search box or you may type the keyword text EXACTLY as it appears in the order. The keyword will be  Automatically copied to your clipboard when you click on the order. So you can easily paste it in the search bar without typing.

6. Click search button, Start searching till Find  the correct URL that mention in the order.After you find the correct web site URL click on it (URL in the red color highlighted box).

    - Order URL will be appear in the Red colour highlighted dotted box.

* DO NOT CLICK ON ANY ADS, Once the ONLY REGULAR LISTINGS. Sometimes You may have to scroll through several pages (1-10 pages) of Google search results.

7. After you click on that correct site URL, that web page will open. Once the page loads the timer will begin You must wait until the timer counts down (0).

  *DO NOT leave the web site or DO NOT click the Back button on your browser. If you leave the website or click 
   the Back button, you will not receive credit for the order. You may click on any links within the site, but DO NOT
   click on any ads, Do not leave the site and do not close the tab.

8. After the timer counts down completes the tab will close automatically and you will be returned to your Order List. At this point you will be credited for the order if the keyword was entered correctly. Again, wait for  the timer to countdown, It need few seconds to cool down. Then you may complete your next order. If there are no more orders you can come back after few minutes ( after 10Minutes).

 Serpclix review; legit or scam - Legal -  Payment proof - Earn 0.05$ per click + Increase SERP CTR
serpclix - earners guide

Some points that may you know.

               keep update your Firefox web browser & Serpclix extension for latest versions 

Credit not being credited for clicks
 Credits do not appear until after the tab closes itself. You’ll need to refresh your earnings page to see the 
 credit. If the credit still does not appear, here are a few potential reasons why:
   - You entered the keyword test incorrectly. Keyword text must be entered EXACTLY as it appears on the 
   - You clicked on the wrong link
   - You clicked the back button, closed the tab or otherwise left the website before the timer had completed
   - Their system detected something suspicious

If Serpclix system detects anything suspicious about your account or any attempt to trick their system your account will be automatically banned. Serpclix have a zero-tolerance policy for any attempts to game their system.

Serpclix do not accept request for payment. Payment is sent automatically via PayPal to the email address you entered when you created your serpclix account, within the first week of each month, for all of your earnings during the previous month. You must have earnings of at least 5.00$ to receive a payment.

Referral program
You can refer other people for your account and you can earn 10% commission on anything they earn during first 3 months.

Fix Serpclix  add-on cannot dawnload or not working  issues

Method 01 
You can try exiting current open page and then re-opening Firefox. If that doesn’t work, you can try uninstalling and then reinstalling the serpClix add-on. You can also make sure that you are using the latest version of Firefox by clicking the menu >> Help >> About Firefox.  Or still you have the issue thenPlease check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and follow the Add-on Download instructions carefully in Serpclix.

Method 02
  1.   Open your FireFox web browser
  2.   Type " about:config " in your URL Firefox bar
  3.   Click on "I'll be careful I promise"
  4.   Right click anywhare in the page and choose:  New >> Boolean and Name it  xpinstall.enabled and set value to true
  5.   Restart the firefox browser and try to install serpclix add-on

Method 03
If above methods not workeing for you then try below method.It work for me.
Unstall your Firefox web browser and Install some previous version of  Firefox.Then try to install serpclix add-on. After successfully installed update your Firefox web browser for current version.

SerpClix Payment policy

Payment processor -  PayPal
Minimum payout    -  5$ ( you must earn at least 4$)

* Payment will send automatically in every months' first week.

*Before you sign up to Serpclix please read Terms and Privacy.
*Page  refreshing every 10 minutes.

Serpclix Payment proofs 2018- 2019

  Payment 2018 -September
 Serpclix review; legit or scam - Legal -  Payment proof - Earn 0.05$ per click + Increase SERP CTR
Serpclix payment proof- 2018 september.

Payment 2018-Octomber

Payment 2019- January

Ok friends, I think that Serpclix  is the best way for  you to increase your web/blog site SERP CTR, boost seo traffic and Eran money from internet. So if you are a web master or money earn searcher today my post about serpClix review will help you to earn as well as boost your Google SERP CTR.

If you have any problem please contact me or add a comment in the below comment section.


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Thank you for reading- Serpclix review + payment proof
Good Luck.

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Earn 0.05-0.10$ per click
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