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How to Enable/Disable Auto save & Protected View in Word/Excel 2016?

How to Turn on and Set Auto save in Word/Excel 2016?

Today first we discuss about How to Enable/Disable Auto save in ms office 2016?

While you are working with MS office application occasionally you may encounter sudden power failure, application crash or computer crash so that the Word or Excel document is forced to close before you can save the data. Because of that reason you have to face a lot of troubles. In such a case, you can turn on the Auto save feature in MS Word or Excel to automatically save documents being edited at a certain time interval to minimize or prevent data loss if the application is unexpectedly closed. With that you might able to auto saved files from the last 10 minutes you worked on any MS Word document.

How to Enable/Disable Auto save  & Protected View  in Word/Excel 2016?

Then lets see How to turn on and set auto save in Microsoft Word/Excel 2016?

Step 1: Open your Word document with Microsoft Word 2016.

Step 2: Click the File tab on the menu bar ->>... click Options.

Step 3: After the Word Option window opens ->> select the Save tab ->> locate the” Save documents” section on the right-side pane.Tick the” Save AutoRecover information every” box and set how often it automatically saves the Word document 3 or 5  minutes, or other value depending on your own desire. Moreover, tick the Keep the last autosaved version if I close without  saving box.

 Step 4: Then, Click the Advanced tab ->> locate the Save section on the right-side pane. Make sure to tick
             Allow background saves” box  ->> click OK to save the changes.

* Both in Word and in Excel, the steps are the same to activate auto save process.

You can find that Auto Saved files from.

On Window 10 PC
    C:\ Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\Word.
    C:\ Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temp.

On Windows 7 and Vista PC

Note:  Types of files

          A word document file will look like ~wrdxxxx.tmp
          A temp document file will look like ~wrfxxxx.tmp
          An auto recovery file will look like ~wraxxxx.tmp or will be named "AutoRecovery save of . . ." with a .asd
          An auto recovery file that is complete will have the extension of. wbk

You can save your files manually by press Ctrl+S   frequently.

In the second we discuss about How to enable/disable Protected View  in Word/Excel 2016?

How to Enable/Disable Protected View in Office 2016?

When we open an MS Word/Excel/PowerPoint file downloaded or received from the web or some other locations potentially dangerous for computer system, Office program will open the file in "Protected View" and it will be prompted with the "Protected View" alert message.

That is one of security features built in Microsoft Office 2010-2016 for protecting your computer from viruses, malware or anything unsafe possibly embedded in the Office document. However, frequently being blocked with such a prompt may be annoying and sometimes unnecessary for you, so that post about How to Enable/Disable Protected View in Office 2016.

Then let see, How to enable/disable Protected View in MS Office 2016 Word/Excel/PowerPoint??

In protected view mode we cannot be edited the office document. But after click the enable editing button to remove the "Protected view" then we can edit the document. However, this is temporary. That is about how to permanently disable it?

  Step 1:  Create and open a new Office document. (MS Word)
  Step 2:  Select the File -->> Options tab.

  Step 3:  Select Trust Center on the left-side pane and then click Trust Center Settings button on the right-side pane.

  Step 4: Select Protected View. Protected View is enabled by default. To disable it, uncheck the boxes and click OK.

* If you want to disable Protected View in Excel or PowerPoint 2016 the steps are the same.

Note: "Protected View" is actually one very useful feature to secure computer system from potential dangerous programs or files. This prevents the virus or malware running on your computer. So, we are not recommended to disable “Protected View” feature in MS Office unless you are pretty sure you won’t open any potentially unsafe Office files or you have installed anti-virus software on your computer.

Ok friends. I think now you have a good idea about How to turn on and set auto save in Ms office and How to enable/disable Protected View  in ms office Word/Excel 2016.

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