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Friday, July 27, 2018

How to Submit Custom Domain Blogger into Search Consoles

Submit Custom Domain blogger into Google, Bing, Yandex Search Consoles

How to Submit Custom Domain Blogger into Search Consoles
Today we discuss about how to submit sitemap to google and other search consoles of your custom domain blogger.

As we discuss in the previous post, Blogger blog’s sitemap is a list of posts shows that available for public access. That list is usually index by crawlers and can readable and accessible for blog readers. There are two format of site maps, those are HTML sitemaps and XML sitemaps. HTML sitemaps are user friendly, readable by humans. XML sitemaps are search engine friendly but cannot readable for humans.

If you willing to rank your blogger better in search engines and get more organic traffic to your blog, then you have to submitting your blogger sitemap to all Search engines. That is not a difficult thing. You can do it within 5 or 10 minutes.

In the previous article we have already discussed how to Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google and other Search Console? But with that method we discuss about how to Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google and other Search Console for those who are using or changing their domain to custom domain on blogger blog and who unable to locate or find ‘sitemap.xlm’ for their blog. But with that method you have opportunity to add up to max 500 post to Google search engine. OPPs. But don’t worry friends, you can also submit 1000 or more posts but you have to submit another site map to search console.

First you need to create a Google Search Console account, then you can submit your blogger site map to search engines.

Let see how to submit sitemap to google search console?

Step 01. Go to google webmasters and login with yours google account.

Step 02. Now you can find a list of your blogs sites with blog thumbnails and blog URLs. Then go to Step 05
If there isn’t your blog name, then you have to enter it by clicking Red color ADD A SITE button. Then enter your blog address in the given area.
  • For Custom domain users: you can also use https instead of http if you have purchased SSL from your domain registrar.
  • For Normal blogger users: you can also use https instead of http because blogger provide SSL for its sub-domains free of cost.
* If you are using https make sure https redirect is on in Blogger >> Dashboard >> Settings >> Basic >> HTTPS.

Step 03. If you have used same google account to login in search console that was linked with blogger account, then your blog will automatically get verified.

Step 04. If you didn't get verified as an owner of website, then you can use alternative given methods.
Click on Not Now.

Step 05. Now, click on the blog name which you want to add sitemap.

Step 06. Navigate to Crawl -->> Sitemaps 

How to Submit Custom Domain Blogger Sitemap to Search Consoles.

Step 07. Then, click on ADD/TEST SITEMAP button in red color; Now click on that

Step 08. Add below code and click submit.



If your blogger blog has less than 500 articles


If your blogger blog has more than 500 articles, Repeat step 06 and Step 07.

Step 10. After this , you will  get  ‘Refresh the page’  message and click on that.

Below are some methods that you can add your sitemaps to Search consoles easily.

Submit sitemap via ping method to search engines. You have to replace your domain name with red color
Highlighted, copy and paste on web browser URL bar.

in below we given more examples how to ping sitemap to search engines for custom domain with blogger. You can ping or submit sitemap with exclusive method.

For Google search /sitemap.xml

For Bing search /sitemap.xml
or /sitemap.xml

For Yandex search /sitemap.xml

*Replace red color highlighted with your custom domain.

If you do not have own custom domain for your blogger then you can ping your blog’s sitemap with the following method;

For Google Search /sitemap.xml

For Bing search /sitemap.xml

Or /sitemap.xml

For Yandex search /sitemap.xml

You have to replace your subdomain name with re color highlighted

After you copy and past above links on your web browser url box press Enter. Then you will received the Submission successful message.

By using above methods you can easily submit your blogger site map to Google and other search console easily.
After you have been submitted your site maps  to google and other search engines, Your blog post and pages will be crawled within next 2 or 3 days. After that you will be able to see number of pages indexed by Google or other search engine and other related stats.

Then i think that article have help you to submit  into google search console. Just keep clam few days to get best results.

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Thank you for reading - How to Submit Custom Domain Blogger into Search Consoles.
Good Luck.

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