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How to add google analytics into blogger blog

How to add Google Analytics into Blogger blog

Hello friends,
Today we discuss about how to add google analytics to blogger site.

Have you ever thought of monitoring blog status and tracking traffic data to your blogger blog? If so, then we can analyze your blog status and traffic data using that Google analytics. As a blogger, all of us might be interested to monitoring the traffic of our blog post or blog site. Then Google Analytics is the right tool that can be used to get your blog traffic data.

How to add google analytics into blogger  blog
But you will think like that, Blogger also has a traffic tracking feature called as ‘Stats’. That feature also gives useful data about traffic of your blog. Then you will have the question may arise that when blogger can give traffic data from that state feature, why we should add Google Analytics to blogger? The simply answer is that That blogger state data and Google Analytics data do not match with the former giving inflated data. Google Analytics is considered to be more reliable & informative web traffic tool, also it has many more features more than the ‘Stats’. It provides fully information about web traffic or visitors including their locations, how much time spend with our site, their landing pages. 

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a leading free service tool provide from Google. That platform created with the purpose of helping us to track the number of visits and page views on our blog, also uses several filters to check exactly from where the visitors are coming from. It shows accurate status and real time web traffic to your blogger blog. As mention in above we can get real time traffic details. So you will be able to know From where that traffic come from? The number of people currently viewing your blog, How many people visited your blog in today, last seven days, or last month. Also you can know amount of time each visitor spends on your blog, How many number of unique visitor to blog, how many new visitors, returning visitors and their bounce rate and many more. If you prefer you can get the informative report in every month ends. Also it offer suggestions and improvement tricks to  your blog.

Then let see how to add Google Analytics to Blogger blog.

Step 1.   Go to Googleanalytics and log in to your Blogger or Gmail account.
Step 2.   After signing-in you will see an image. Now click on sign up to start using Google
Step 3.   You will see two tabs under what would you like to track? Website and mobile app.
               Just select Website.
Step 4.   Now you have to enter your personal details like, Account Name, Website
              Name, Website URL,   Industry Category, Time Zone.
Step 5.   After you filled the details, Click on the Get Tracking ID button.
Step 6.   Now accept the Google Analytics terms and conditions by clicking I Accept.
Step 7.  Then Page will redirect you to a new page. Google Analytics now provide you
              with Tracking Id  ( UA-12345678-2) and Tracking code. On the top of the page, there
              will be a “Tracking Id” and on the bottom there would be a “Tracking JavaScript Code”.
              Just keep the page open and move to your blogger blog.

How to adding Google Analytics tracking id to blogger blog?

 Sign in to your Blogger Blog   -->> Settings -->> Other -->>   Google Analytics   and paste the Tracking ID in that box   -->> Now click on the Save setting.

How to adding Google Analytics tracking code in Blogger?

You have to add Google Analytics tracking code in your blog template.
For that sign in to your Blogger blog -->> Dashboard -->> template -->> edit HTML -->> Click on Ctrl + F and find out </head> tag.Copy and paste the below code just above the </head> tag and save the Template.

<b: include data=’blog’ name=’google-analytics’/>

Ok. Now you add Google analytics into your blogger blog successfully. Just keep claim and wait for 24 hours to see your blog data in Google Analytics. 

After that Google Analytics will updates your site report each and every day.
Hope this post helped you to get idea about how to add google analytics to blogger.
Enjoy your blogging.

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