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How to Disable Automatic Updates in Microsoft Office 2016? Try this 5 methods.

How to Disable Automatic Updates in Microsoft Office 2016?

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today let discuss about how to stop automatic updates in Microsoft office 2016

If you are using the new Microsoft Office 2016 package on your Windows, then you may find that it automatically updates every time when the internet network is available on your computer. That’s because Microsoft Office 2016 comes with the auto update feature, which is enabled by default, so that it will automatically update without any informing for you. The auto update feature saves users from manually updating. However, constant updates may make the drives or applications on some computers not perform well,Also it effect to your speed up internet connection  so that some users may want to disable auto updates feature and stop Office 2016 from updating. Also if you are using limited internet plan that auto updates can be a huge headache for you.

How to Disable Automatic Updates in Microsoft Office 2016?
So,Let’s see How to Disable Automatic Updates in Microsoft Office 2016??


Disable Office 2016 automatic updates via Update Options (Through Office Built-In Option)

Step 1: Open any one Office 2016 app (such as Word)

Step 2: Click on the File tab.

Step 3: Select the Account tab on the left side pane. On the right side pane, locate the Office Updates section. Click on Update  Options button and then click on Disable Updates. Confirm the "User Account Control dialog" if prompted. Then, Office 2016 will not automatically update until you manually update it or re-enable the auto updates feature.


Disable Office 2016 automatic updates via Windows Settings.

Step 1: Open Settings panel. (Right click on Windows 10 desktop and from the context menu select Display Settings. Click the return arrow in the upper left corner to go to SETTINGS panel.)

Step 2: Click on Update & security.

Step 3: Select Windows Update on the left side pane, and click on the Advanced options link on the right side pane.

Step 4: Uncheck the box next to “Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update Windows”. This action will stop other Microsoft products including Office 2016 from automatically updating when you update Windows.


Using Do NotSpy

DoNotSpy is an anti-spy tool that helps you to create a System Restore Point from your assistance. If ever your Windows get corrupted, that Restore Point will help you to get back all of your Settings.
The thing you want to do is to disable Microsoft updates, you can do it from DoNotSpy tool. Scroll to find the option in the tool and check its checkbox.
Also you can block windows 10 spying.


Set Your Connection as Metered

You could also set your current Wi-Fi connection as “metered”. That is the best option you have. When you set a connection as metered, you are telling Windows it’s a connection with restricted data such as a mobile data/limited data connection or a Wi-Fi Hotspot from a smartphone you are tethered to. Windows won’t upload any updates on a metered connection if it won’t even automatically download most Windows updates.

To set your current Wi-Fi network as a metered connection, 

1.      Go to Settings ...>>> Network & Internet ...>>> Wi-Fi.
2.      Click on your connected Wi-Fi Network on the right side.
3.      Toggle on the option saying Set as Metered Connection.

This isn’t necessary if you’ve already disabled peer-to-peer updates in general. That will also prevent your Windows 10 PC from sharing updates with other computers on the same local PC network.

So now Windows or Microsoft will not provide you any new update of its any product.With that you can disable automatic updates in Microsoft Office 2016.

If above methods are not success, you can block them by using windows firewall or another Free Bandwidth Monitoring Tools.Also try to prevent Abnormally high internet bandwidth usage

Ok. now i think you can easily disable automatic updates Microsoft office 2016

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