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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Things you should disable in windows 10

Things  should disable in windows 10

Let discuss about things you need to disable in windows 10.
Windows 10 although have come forward with some creepy features like spying on users’ information by digging out your privacy. Some other features like sharing your bandwidth, your Wi-Fi eat your bandwidth data and your peace of mind. Now, clearly Microsoft is following Big internet giants like face book, google, by behaving in this way. But, you always have an option to disable these things. The only unethical thing from Microsoft is that these things are turn on by default in windows 10. By using your internet bandwidth Microsoft collect users’ information and other usage data. That can be cause to slow down your internet speed as well as thread for your privacy. For prevent that issue, let us see how and which things you should disable in windows 10  PC or laptop.

1. Disable Peer to peer Updates

1.      Go to Settings  
2.      Click on update & Security
3.      Then click on Advanced Options.
4.      Now, choose how updates are delivered
5.      Then,turn off the settings.

2. Disable Auto Updates of Windows

1.      Go to Settings.
2.      Click on Update & Security
3.      Then click on Advanced Options
4.      Then select Notify to schedule restart as shown in the screenshot below.

Things you must disable in windows 10

3.Turn off ‘Getting to Know You’ Feature

1.      Go to Settings  

2.      Then click on Privacy

3.      Then Turn off everything in under every feature.

4.      Specially in the left menu click on speech, inking & typing

5.      Now, click on stop getting to know me.

4.Disable Ads targeting and advertising id

1.      Go to Settings
2.      Then, click on Privacy.
3.      In general tab from the left menu, turn off let app use my advertising id as shown below.

5.Disable Apps accessing your Location , camera and Microphone

1.      Go to Settings
2.      Then, click on Privacy
3.      Click on location in the left menu, Now turn off location to disable app use your location

6.disable all unwanted apps

1.      Go to Settings
2.      Then, click on Privacy
3.      Click on Microphone and disable apps access to microphone for useless apps.
4.      Click camera from the left menu and turn off those apps access to camera, which you
  do not want

7.Disable Unwanted apps running in background

Windows 10 allows some of the background apps to function by default that turn consumes a lot of data as well as the internet bandwidth. The notable culprit here is the ‘Mail’ application that depletes the majority of data. In such cases, it is rather safe to switch off of these offenders or apps in order to save yourself some data and bandwidth.
Many apps run in Background to update to eat your bandwidth and in turn slowing your internet speed. You must turn off background apps to save yourself from data leakage.

1.      Open settings panel again.
2.      Click on privacy.
3.      Scroll down the left menu and choose background apps.
4.      Then,Turn off Background apps.
5.      switch off any other apps that you think you do not require and are finishing your data.

8. Turn off Location  windows 10

1.      Just go to Settings
2.      Click on Privacy
3.      Then click on change under Location for this device.

Also you can turn off other features like Camera, microphone, contact, call history, messaging and Email.

9. Block Windows 10 "Spying" URLs

As usually Microsoft used Windows 10 to collect of your information as well as the other usage data. That can be issue for user’s privacy as well as limited their internet bandwidth and slowdown user’s internet speed. To prevent that windows spying issue you have to Block that windows 10 spying URLs. It can be garneted your privacy by protecting your private information and prevent the Abnormally high internet bandwidth usage.

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