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Sunday, February 18, 2018

How to Start Safe Mode in Windows 10

Start a safe mode in windows 10 pc

Would you have any issue to start safe mode in windows 10.
When your PC has shut down incorrectly or refuses to boot up properly, Safe Mode is your friend.
Safe Mode starts Windows with a limited set of files and drivers - no programs start automatically with Safe Mode, and your PCor laptop won't connect to the network so an infection is unlikely to get worse. This means you can find and solve problems with your PC, without endangering your hardware or data.

Can we access the safe mode using F8 key??

NO. After installing or upgrading to windows 10 you might find out that you’re unable to access the Safe Mode by pressing F8 key during the startup. This can be frustrating especially when you can’t start Windows normallySuch as Windows 7, at the beginning of the boot, you’re able to press the F8 key to access the Advanced Boot Options menu, where you can enable Safe Mode. But on Windows 10, the F8 key doesn’t work any more. No matter how many times you’ve tried. You must be wondering why this happens??? Is it removed from Windows 10???
No.Actually , F8 key is still available to access the Advanced Boot Options menu on Windows 10. But starting from Windows 8, 8.1 in order to have faster boot time, Microsoft has disabled this feature by default. That is to say Windows 10 boots too fast to have any time to let anything interrupt. If you want to use the F8 key to access the Safe Mode, you need to enable the feature manually.

How to enable F8 key to access the safe mode??

As I said in above F8 boot menu feature is disabled on Windows 10 by default. But we can get it work again easily with the Boot Configuration Data (BCD) Edit command. BCD Edit is a tool written to control how the operating system is started. Just follow these steps:

1) On your keyboard, press Windows key + R  at the same time to invoke the run command.
2) Type cmd then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to open an administrator command prompt.
     (Don’t just press Enter or  click OK as that won’t open the command prompt in
     an administrator mode.)

3) Copy the following command and paste it in the Command Prompt. Then on your keyboard, press the Enter key.

bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy legacy

4) Reboot your PC. Before the Windows logo appears, press F8 to access the Boot Options menu Then select Safe Mode.

Note: You can get F8 work again only when you’re able to access Windows. If you can’t start Windows normally, you need to use other effective way.

How to boot into Safe Mode in Windows 10?

Without using F8 key, you can enter to safe mode by using another easiest ways.

1. Enter Safe Mode from settings

  1. Press Windows logo key Windows key  + I on your keyboard to open Settings >> Select Update & security  >> Recovery .
  2. Under Advanced startup, select Restart now.
  3. After your PC restarts to the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot > Advanced options > Startup Settings > Restart.
  4. After your PC restarts, you'll see a list of options. Select 4 or F4 to start your PC in Safe Mode. Or if you'll need to use the Internet,  select 5 or F5 for Safe Mode with Networking.

2. Enter safe mode from the sign-in screen

  1. Restart your PC. When you get to the sign-in screen, hold the Shift key down while you select Power >> Restart.
  2. After your PC restarts to the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot >> Advanced options >> Startup Settings >> Restart.
  3. After your PC restarts, you'll see a list of options. Select 4 or F4 to start your PC in Safe Mode. Or if you'll need to use the Internet, select 5 or F5 for Safe Mode with Networking.

3.Enter Safe Mode from Normal Mode

If you're able to boot Windows normally but still need to enter Safe Mode,
  1. Click win + R type msconfig in the search box. Now click on the popped-up System Configuration
  2. A new window will open as the above. From here, click on Safe boot under boot tab and Apply>>ok.

How to Start Safe Mode in Windows 10
When you’re prompted to restart your computer to apply these changes, click Restart then
            you will boot into the Safe Mode. 

      4.To get back to Normal mode, go to msconfig window and uncheck the Safe boot from
           Boot options. This will reboot the system to normal mode.

   Note: If you want to start Windows 10 in Normal Mode, ensure Safe boot is unchecked.

4. Enter Safe Mode when you can’t boot normally

Safe Mode loads with a minimum set of drivers, software and service. Usually, when Windows doesn’t start normally, Safe Mode startswith no problem. It’s useful for you to troubleshoot the problem there.This way works effectively when you can’t boot Windows 10 normally.

1) Ensure your PC is off.
2) Press the power button to turn on your PC, then hold the power button down until PC shuts down automatically (about 5 seconds).Repeat this more than 2 times until you see the Preparing Automatic Repair.

Note: This step is aim to bring up Preparing Automatic Repair screen. When Windows doesn’t boot properly, this screen pops up andWindows attempts to fix the problem by itself. If you’ve seen this screen at the first time when you power up the computer, skip this step.Then wait for Windows to diagnose your PC.
3) Click Advanced options, then the system will bring up the Windows RE (Recovery environment.) screen.
4) On the Windows RE (Recovery environment) screen, click Troubleshoot.
5)  On the Troubleshoot screen, click Advanced options.
6) Click Startup Settings to continue.
7) Click Restart. The computer restarts and another screen opens showing a list of different startup options.
8) On your keyboard, press the 4 number key to enter Safe Mode without network. If you need to do some online research after boot   into the safe mode, press the 5 number key to enter Safe Mode with
network access.

Ok. then i think you have a idea about how to start a safe mode in windows 10.

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