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How to Start Blog site using your free time?

How to Start a Blog site ?

So, actually you want to start a blog site…??? or thinking about how to start a blog and make money. Yes, that is a great idea!Then let see,

Is it a difficult…????  No, there are lot of ways to Start blog site. Remember that is 2018, Creating blog site is easier than ever.
You can make a blog site with less than 30 minutes
How to Start Blog site using your free time?

It is completely free of chargers. But If you want to start a serious blog with your own domain name & web host then it will be costly,
But don’t worry, that’s not too much.
It decides on your choices of blogging flat form. With some blogging sites you can start a blog without any cost.

Actually, starting a Blog site is good idea. Why?

1.      Blogging has quickly become one of the most popular ways of communicating and spreading information and news.
2.      It is the best way express yourself and share your ideas and expertise online with others easily.
3.      You can expand your online business that’s a great tool to promote your personal brand or business.
4.      You become a better person + better writer + better thinks.
5.      Finally, the best reason, “You can make money online by doing it!”. You can earn money for your pocket while you are sleeping.
6.      you can set up a blog for fun or as a hobby, too.

That not require any coding knowledge. Yeh that that is easy & funny. Your own blog set up in 30 minutes or less.

However before start a blog site you must think about what is your Niche for your blog site?  To whom are you blogging for?

A blogging niche means what a blog is all about (For example; Business, News, Health, Education, Gaming, Blogging, Sports, Technology) or who are the target audience of our blog site? that niche determines the kind of articles we publish in our blog. We can write on more than one or two niches depending on the blogger’s purpose.

However, selecting a niche can be one of the most difficult problem for many bloggers faced. Based on that selected niche that determine the which kind of articles we write? How can be the web traffic for our blog site? and How about our earnings from blog site. So that selecting a niche for your web site can be a puzzle that you have to solve. Also it should be a something that you really have a passion for, know well and can write much about.
Then let see how to start a blog beginners?

How to Start a Blog?  Step by step

1.      Choose your preferred blog platform
2.      Setting up a blog on your own domain or free domain
3.      Choose web hosting for your blog
4.      Log in & Design your blog
5.      Adding Posts and Pages

1.Choose your preferred blog platform

When starting your blog, there are several platforms to choose from (wordpress , tumblr, blogger etc..).
There are lot of  Blogging Platform you can Choose the Best Blogging Platform.

However, one that really stands out from the pack is WordPress.
It’s FREE, very user friendly and perfect for people who have never built a blog before, massive numbers of Bloggers used that platform. 
But you should not create a blog on a free platform because it provides limits Facilities for you. However, as a beginner free Platform is familiar with you.  

Also Blogger is another good blog platform for new beginners. You can use it to make some income. But other platforms like WordPress, wix they not allow to earn money using free platform. For that you should upgrade it to next level

2.Decide best name for your blog and Setting up a blog site by using your own domain, sub domain or free domain

First you need choice a best domain name for your blog. Then You can Setting up your blog site by using your own domain or using sub domain or using free domain with your selected domain provider(my recommend is choice namecheap).The domain is basically the URL of your website. Examples: ( is the domain), ( is the domain). Your domain name is important because:

  • It’s your first impression to website visitors.
  • It affects your rankings in search engines.
  • It defines own your brand.

slow down there!!! This is the biggest decision you’ll have to make before we go any further. You need to decide whether to pay for your blog or grab a free one. WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger all offer free blogs for anyone. Hmm  awesome, right? It’s perfect for those of us who aren’t super serious about blogging. But it does have downsides:

1) You won’t be able to get your OWN domain name

On a free blog, your blog’s web address (your URL) will be butt-ugly. Like, really ugly. In short, create a free blog with any other the above free blog services and it’ll look like this:
I know, ugly right?

2) Limits and more limits

There are some limits to free blog sites. you cannot fully monetize it and you don’t have the possibility to upload all those videos and images that you want to show your readers.

3) You don’t OWN your blog

It might sound silly at first, but you don’t actually own your blog. It’s hosted on someone else’s web property and they can delete it if they want so. They have done so in the past and keep doing it in the future also. Which means all your hard work on your blog, all those countless hours of writing blog posts might be vanished within seconds. Sad…yes.

On the other hand, with a self-hosted blog on your own domain name, you can be the real owner of your blog. You’ll be able to name your blog whatever you want, for example “” or “”. So how much is hosting and a domain name? Not as much as you are thinking, fortunately. It usually works out to about $5 to $10 Per month, depending on your hosting provider.

However, you want your own domain you can get it from internet or when you choice a web hosting site. we will discuss about that in next step. But as a beginner its better to get free domain from your blog platform. If your choice free domain, please go to ->> step 4

3.Choose web hosting for your blog

What is Web Hosting and Why Do You Need it?

Web Hosting is the service that keeps your blog accessible for everyone. That stores all the files, images, videos and content that your blog has and displays it to the blog visitors. Hosting is basically the company that puts your website up on the internet so everyone else can see it. Everything will be saved on there. Think of it as a computer hard drive on the internet where your blog will be saved.

If you don’t have a web host, you won’t be able to set up a blog for others to seen or will you be able to use your own domain name.

You can decide what you want is it Self-hosting or a free alternative?? Free alternative can facilitate from your blogger. But if your choice self-hosting you have to follow some steps to install,

1.      sign up with a web hosting (
2.      Choose the hosting plan (you can pick the cheapest one).
3.      Pick a domain name for your blog.
4.      Complete hosting registration.
5.      Install blogsite.
6.      Log in and write a blog post.

4.Log in & Design your blog

5.Adding Posts and Pages and continue and continuously develop SEO

Then i think you have a better idea about how to start a blog.

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