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How to speed up firefox browser for fastest intenet journey?

How to speed up Firefox browser for fastest internet journey? 

Firefox is the most populist web browser at right now. But most of people have a problem with its speed sometimes. Are you looking for How to speed up Firefox browser?let see,

For speed up Firefox browser we want to make some changes in Firefox default settings, to make this all changes to speed up first you want to access ‘about:config’ page in your browser. For that,

How to speed up firefox browser for fastest intenet journey?
  1. Open your Firefox web browser
  2. Then type about:config into Firefox’s address bar and press Enter button.
  3. You will be shown that dragon themed warning page. Now click the “I accept the risk!” button then you will arrive on the about:config homepage.
Ok. Now you know how to access to the about:config   page. Then, you can follow below customization methods to speed up your Firefox web browser.

Ok. Then let see how to speed up firefox web browser ?

1.  Speed up Firefox by browser history.

In the Search bar, type browser.sessionhistory.max_entries
double click on it and change value 50 to 10


2. Make Firefox load the pages faster.

Now right click on white space below the address bar in tab, go to new >> Integer >> enter Preference name as
Press OK and enter the value 0.


3. Double Your Internet Browsing Speed by Defining Small Amount of Memory to Firefox

a.Type browser.cache.memory.enable in search  bar and set the value to TRUE.
b.Right click on white space below the address bar in tab, Now go to new >> Integer >> enter preference name as
    browser.cache.memory.capacity, press OK  and  enter the value as 12288


4. Boost Firefox by enabling its new HTTP cache: Set the Cache Capacity

Type, browser.cache.disk.capacity
Then you will notice that, the value: 102400 (that or something like this),Change it to 4096.


5. Regain Memory when Firefox is not in action

Right click on white space below the address bar in tab.
Then go to new >> Boolean >> enter preference name as config.trim_on_minimize, press OK and set the value to TRUE.

6. Stop Prefetching

Just type network.prefetch-next.
You will see that its value is set to True, Change this to FALSE (double click on it).


7. Enable Firefox Pipelining

For that you need to search for the below mentioned entries and change their status to what is mentioned below,
network.http.pipelining -> true
network.http.pipelining.aggressive -> true
Network.http.pipelining.maxrequests -> 8
Network.http.pipelining.ssl -> true


8. Turn Off Preview Thumbnails 

Type   browser.ctrlTab.previews
Double click on it & change to false.


9. Disable Extension Compatibility Checks 

 Just rght click anywhere on the about:config page, then click New -->> Boolean
 Then type extensions.checkCompatibility into the box, click OK, then select false  and click OK again.
 This preference will now exist in your list and you can disable it at any time by right clicking it and clicking “Reset.”

10. Turn Off Unnecessary Animations

Now type animate in the about:config page top search bar of and set the value to all entries that show up as “False.” This should make your browsing experience faster, but you will lose all the smooth animations that make the browser look cool.

11. Free up Memory

If you are continuously using Firefox Browser  and find it slowing down, then you can free up some memory to speed up. To do so,

                    Type about:memory in the Firefox address bar and press Enter.
                    On the next page click on “Minimize memory usage” under Free memory to free up memory.

Except above customization methods of about:config page, also you can follow another methods to speed up your Firefox web browser.

12. Click-To-Play Flash Content

To set Flash content to Click to play in Firefox:
  1.  Click on the Firefox main menu in the top right corner and then click on Add-ons.
  2. Then on the add-ons page click on the Plugins button on the left side and search for the Shockwave Flash plugin.   
  3. Now, click on the drop-down menu next to it and select Ask to Activate. You can also completely disable Flash if you don’t use it at all.


13.    Clear browsing history regularly.

14.    Removing unnecessary add-ons.

15.    Removing unnecessary toolbars

16.    Disable Firefox Auto-update

               That is not recommended but you can speed up your browser speed. 

17.      Refresh Firefox

If the above methods are not enough or your Firefox browser is acting up (including crashes) due to continuous use, then refreshing Firefox could be a fix. Firefox lets you refresh it and change all its settings to default and remove all the third party data like, add-ons. Type about:support in the Firefox address bar and hit Enter. Click on the Refresh Firefox button on the right and confirm the prompt to refresh it.

So finally, I will think you have a better idea about how to speed up Firefox web browser and you have speed up web browser. Then enjoy your  boosted internet surfing experience.

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